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Our Commitment:

A Word from Dr. Williams. PHAA is committed to partnering with families to assist them
in giving their children a Christian education. Some parents think it is impossible, so never consider it. But because you are reading this, I believe you are willing to think about possibilities. Over the years, I have seen many, many families successfully educate their children in a Christian school who initially thought they couldn’t. Thank you for giving us an opportunity to talk with you about how it can be done. Please contact me at: 925-934-9261 or

Scholarship Information

The following scholarships are available to families that qualify. Please note the deadlines and information for applying.

  1. Basic Fund

This is a privately funded 501-C organization whose mission is to advance education equity for low-income families by helping offset the cost of tuition at private schools in the Bay area. This fund only grants funding to students who are entering private school education for the first time. The student must be coming from a public school. The application is at this website: Deadline: March 31.

  1. Your local church

Many churches assist their students in getting a Christian education. Talk with your pastor about how your church may help.

  1. Northern California Conference of Seventh-day Adventist Office of Education

Our parent body offers many different scholarship opportunities. All of these opportunities are at this website: The deadline for most of these scholarships is March 1. These are the scholarships available:

  1. Baybarz Trust Fund (for K-8)
  2. Pacific Union Conference Education Endowment (for 9-12)
  3. Dolores Gregoroff Scholarship (for 3-8 students who are attending SDA schools for the first time)
  4. Low Income (1-12)
  5. 10+10/Cloverdale Scholarship (1-12)
  6. New Member Educational Scholarship

This scholarship is also offered by the Northern California Conference of SDA, but it is only for families who have become new members of the SDA church in the last 18 months. For more information, please contact your local church pastor.

  1. Partnering For Eternity

This is a new tuition assistance opportunity coming to our school in January 2023. The SFFC Foundation offers tuition assistance to students in exchange for them ministering to senior citizens in their community. Find out more info here: Qualified students may receive up to $200 a month depending on grade level. Contact the principal for more information.

Financial Aid from PHAA

“Annually, PHAA is pleased to be able to award thousands of dollars in tuition assistance to families with annual household incomes of $75,000 or less. Tuition assistance is only offered after the Tuition Financial Worksheet is fully completed and submitted. Decisions about assistance takes into consideration need, number of students, and household income. Deadline: June 30.