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Please contact Pleasant Hill Adventist Academy at (925) 934-9261 or email for current tuition rates.

Discounts & Incentives

Sibling – a discount is granted for each additional sibling enrolled living in the same household at the rate of 3% discount – 2nd student; 7% discount – 3rd student.

Lump sum payment for full year of tuition is a 4% discount (pay by check or cash only).

Late Payments

  • Prompt payment of tuition and fees is required of all families and is an essential part of having your child enrolled in a private school.
  • If payment is not received by Smart Tuition by the payment due date, a fifty dollars ($50.00) late fee will be levied immediately.
  • Students with tuition account past due in excess of thirty (2) days, are considered in breach of the registration agreement and conditions of enrollment. In such a situation, notice will be provided by the Academy that full payment of the past due balance must be received within 2 calendar days or the family’s child will not be permitted to attend classes.
  • Students whose tuition accounts are past due at mid-term exam time, will be prohibited from taking exams.
  • Students owing tuition or fees by final exams time, will be prohibited from taking final exams.
  • 12th-grade students with past due accounts will be unable to go on the senior class trip
  • Graduating students owing tuition or fees by May 15, will not participate in graduation events and will not be able to obtain a diploma until the account is paid in full.
  • Any unpaid tuition from previous school years prevents re-enrollment in PHAA.  Parents must pay all previous outstanding fees prior to enrollment.
  • Pleasant Hill Adventist Academy may use any legal means at its disposal to reclaim funds past due, including the engagement of third-party collection agencies to whom financial details will be passed by the Academy as is permissible by law.

Application Fee

A non-refundable application fee per child is due annually to secure the student’s placement at PHAA. The application fee is due with the application.

Other Fees

During the school year, there will be additional expenses for school uniforms, field trips, activity fees, etc.  Charges will vary depending on your child’s grade and level of involvement. These fees may include the following:

  • Parent Volunteer Background Check (Verified Volunteer) 
  • Private Music lessons 
  • Varsity Sports 
  • Extended Care 
  • Field Trips 

Financial Aid

Financial aid programs may be available for families who qualify. PHAA will make every effort to see that no child is denied access to a Christian education based solely on lack of funds to pay tuition.

The need for financial aid is reviewed annually and confidentiality is maintained throughout the process.

Families experiencing sudden financial hardships should contact the Academy to make special arrangements for handling the payment of delinquent tuition fees or emergency assistance. Emergency tuition assistance funds are sometimes available. The degree to which PHAA can subsidize those who are unable to pay may vary each year.

Student Employment

Pleasant Hill Adventist Academy offers limited employment to academy students for the purpose of providing financial assistance in fulfilling financial obligations to the academy. To qualify for possible employment, a student must apply, be accepted, and demonstrate his/her intention to attend the academy.

Scholarship Information

Scholarships/Tuition Assistance: We know education is expensive so be sure you explore all scholarship possibilities to see if you are eligible. Tuition assistance is awarded by need and availability; most application deadlines are March 1 but be sure and check each deadline.

1.     Pleasant Hill Adventist Academy Tuition Assistance 

a. and

b. Include school name, Pleasant Hill Adventist Academy, ID is 14148 

2.     Basic Fund: (1st time entering private school, i.e. Kindergarten)

3.     Check with your local church/pastor as many provide aid for Adventist Education.

(Special Announcement for Pleasant Hill Seventh-day Adventist Church members) Pleasant Hill SDA Church’s Christian Education Fund has assisted many families in achieving Christian Education. If you are a member of the Pleasant Hill SDA Church, applications are now being accepted for the 2022-2023 school year. Applications are available by clicking this link and are due no later than May 31, 2022. Submit your application to the church office in a sealed envelope to Attn: Treasurer, 800 Grayson Road, Pleasant Hill, CA 94523 or email them to  

4.     NCC office of Education, the following scholarship opportunities are due March 1, at this link: 

           a. Baybarz up to $400 for K-8th

b. Education Endowment up to $800 for 9th-12th; $1200 for college/university.

c.  Low Income Scholarship up to $400 for 1st-8th, $800 for 9th-12th

d. Dolores Gregoroff Scholarship for Adventists new to Adventist Education.

*Special update: All NCC scholarship submissions are ONLINE only.  If needed, here is a Video Tutorial on NCC online applications: 

Thanks again for your support of Pleasant Hill Adventist Academy. We love having your sons and daughters here at PHAA and pray they are learning and thriving in every way—spiritually, academically, socially, and physically.


If a parent or family decides to withdraw their child from the Academy during the school year, the Academy requires one month’s written notice, and the parent or family remains responsible for tuition and fees for the full term of this one month period, irrespective of whether the child is physically withdrawn from the Academy by the parents.

If a child’s enrollment is terminated by the Academy for reasons of behavior or an infraction of school rules, policies, practices or standards, the parent or family of the child remains liable for full payment of all tuition and fees through the end of the calendar month in which the enrollment was terminated, irrespective of whether the child is allowed to remain on campus or in classes.