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School Uniform Policy

Pleasant Hill Adventist Academy wishes to present an image of Christian values to our community, parents, and students that is consistent with modesty, good taste, cleanliness and neatness. Because interpretation varies from one individual to another, these guidelines are to help students and parents understand the dress code for Pleasant Hill Adventist Academy students. Students are required to maintain the dress code (uniforms, no jewelry, no hats-see Handbook p. 26) while on campus. For special events at school or off-campus events, acceptable dress code variations may be announced.

General Uniform Policy, K-12.
The school uniform is as follows:
M, W, F – Navy blue polo shirt and khaki pants, skirt, shorts or skort. At least one Navy blue polo
shirt should have the school logo on it.
T, TH – White polo shirt and navy blue pants, skirt, Shorts or skirt.
Uniform shoes are SOLID black, closed-toe shoes. This shoe may be any shoe that is low heeled and gym worthy.
Girls may choose to wear the blue, plaid skirts on any day. All skirts, shorts and skorts should be mid-knee length.
Pants, shorts, skorts, skirts, and or jumpers should be “uniform” khaki or navy. These may be purchased where standard School Uniform clothing is sold. Students are not to wear clothing that is not standard “uniform” material, even if the color is similar. 
A school logo T-shirt may be worn on Fridays in place of the regular shirt. The logo t-shirt is available at cost in the school office. The logo t-shirt will be worn on some field trips.
Outerwear worn in the classroom (sweaters, jackets, hoodies, etc.) should be solid navy blue. The shirt under the outerwear should be visible.
Outerwear that is not in compliance may be worn to school, but not in class.
Students not in compliance with the uniform policy will be reminded of the policy and their parents will be contacted. Students who continue to be out of compliance will not be permitted to attend classes until the matter is resolved.
High School Physical Education uniform is a solid white or black t-shirt, black knee-length shorts and athletic shoes. 
Pleasant Hill Adventist Academy has gently used uniform clothing that has been donated back 
to school. Contact the school office for more information.